the gap 1968-2003

1968 to 2003 – What happened to Max in between these 35 years remains a mystery – at least until now at the time of this posting.

That’s a massive gap.

The only information that seems secure at the time of this writing is that Max has been with a family that lived in Mason City, Iowa.

Rumor has it that she went through 3 generations in the same family within that time.
From grandfather to father to son and back.

Looking at a map all this seems to fit the mould.
Mason City is not that far away from Des Moines where Max most likely has been sold as a brand new car from some yet unknown Ford dealership.

But was someone in this family the first owner of Max? – Unknown.

All I know is that she was bought in 2003 by her previous owner in Mason City.

Have you sold a dark green Mustang ’68 Coupe in Mason City about the year 2003?
Let me know.